Hastings Old Town Parish

One Modern Parish, Two Medieval Churches

The Magdalen and Lasher Charities

The present arrangement was formed in 1878 from the amalgamation of several local charities, the origins of which stretch back into the Middle Ages. The three charities have trustees in common and share their administration and premises. The parish priest and four churchwardens are ex officio trustees.

The General Fund has as its object the relief of poverty and support for the elderly of Hastings. Grants are made to individuals and local organisations, pensions paid to over two hundred elderly residents, and two outreach workers attached to the Hastings Advice and Representation Centre are funded

The Education Foundation provides grants to local institutions and individuals and this includes bursaries of £1,500 to less well-off students going to university. There are two ring-fenced funds within the Foundation. The Batley Hibbert Fund assists with the provision of musical education within the borough and the William Parker Foundation is used for supporting educational provision at Ark Alexandra Academy.

The Old Hastings House Charitable Incorporated Organisation is a fifty-nine bed residential care home owned and operated by the Charity to the highest standards on a not-for-profit basis. It is one of only two care institutions in Sussex to be accredited to the Gold Standard Framework for End of Life Care. The Chaplain is a member of the Parish Ministry team and Evensong and Holy Communion services are held regularly.

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