Hastings Old Town Parish

One Modern Parish, Two Medieval Churches

SPLASH! – the Parish Sunday Club for children

Sunday + Prayer + Learning +Art + Singing + Handicrafts = SPLASH!

Our Sunday Club provides a fun creative learning environment for children.

We begin at 10am when we talk informally about our week at school and home, and with family and friends. Our news is turned into a prayer which includes the highs and lows from the week, thanking God for the good things and praying for help and guidance through the bad. We have been using material from the ‘Sermons4kids’ website to assist with activities and this is linked to the Church readings for each Sunday.

During the year, we are involved in events such as creating an Easter garden, our annual Nativity service on Christmas Eve, making Christingles for the service at Candlemas, and posies for Mothering Sunday. Here is our 2020 on-line Nativity Play:

The children support Grace Babirye, a Ugandan schoolgirl as part of the Jenga charity, by organising fund raising events, cake sales and collecting pennies, using our talents to help others and learning about life in another country.

JENGA | Community Development Outreach (jengauganda.org)

We warmly welcome any new families to join us on Sunday mornings in All Saints Hall when we are in All Saints Church and in the Clive Morris Room when we are at St Clements Church.

For further information please contact either:

Maggie Coleman 07443502159 or Rosie Smith 01424 718736