Hastings Old Town Parish

One Modern Parish, Two Medieval Churches

Community Church

Properly understood, the Church is not a building but the faithful people who worship in it. As such, the Church exists in the community both within and outside the walls of the church building.

In the Old Town Parish authorised laypeople take the sacrament of Holy Communion to people who are unable to get to church. This is called Home Communion.

Holy Communion is also taken to residents in The Laurels nursing home and to residents in Old Hastings House. Brother Aelred is the chaplain to Old Hastings House and services of Holy Communion and Evening Prayer are held regularly.

Acts of service such as shopping for the housebound or visiting the sick are also carried out by church members.

The Good Friday Procession of Witness is the Old Town’s answer to Oberammergau!

The Blessing of the Sea has taken place each June for over one hundred years and involves the Fishermen and the staff and supporters of the Life Boat Station.

The Fishermen’s Museum and the RNLI also host Christmas Carol Services.

A new venture is ‘Aprayeratif’. This is a social occasion when church members gather on the beach or elsewhere at 6 p.m. during the summer to enjoy a pre-supper drink (soft or alcoholic) and are invited to give prayerful thanks for something in their lives, however small it might seem. There might also be a very short Bible study. Please check Pews News in July and August for dates and venues and come along!

Our Community Missioner is Keith Leech who is an Authorised Lay Minister.